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Japanese characters toys

Bandai Japan micro machine Robo, complete used partly applied stickers € 40    each

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Dumbine MIB €60

Robotech SDF 1 small diecast (6")  MIB 90€


Captain Harlock

Rubber bendie 25€

Atlantic plastic characters 25€

10" Junior machinders



35€ each


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large racing track set  € 120


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Tekkaman Nakajima japanese box

Tekkaman junior diecast set by Nakajima   mint figures, only factory defect the usual crease on Tekkaman left leg 200€


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Grendizer Goldorak Goldrake

Grendizer tin saucer knock off €50

Grendizer carnival mask 25€

Grendizer Italian book with many pictures taken from cartoon 25€

Mazinger andGrendizer orbetor x gun sets 90€ each

Grandizer gun with damaged box 70€

Grendizer wire controlled plastic figure battery op 30$

 Aktarus and Grandizer Flying saucer  40€ Venusia RARE make an offer

Grandizer life vest 30€

Mattel Popy Sayaka MIB 60 € Mazinger Japanese tiny Zippos! 35$ ea.


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Popy Shigcon Tank complete w\out styro€ 100

Popy Magikka ship MIB €90

Other inflatables figures and vests

Majabee and Remi licensed  30€,Mazinger Z Machine Blaster andDaimos FIGURES not licensed €30

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5 samurai Takara:
Aragon        Demon
€50 each

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Ufo Commander Valcan I 40€

Ufo Commander Jeek Tunneln Sensai Japan no instr. 60€

Daikengo silly putty €20



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